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Terahertz zaps alter gene activity in stem cells [2020-10-18 19:55:31] (Click No.:10)
Potential new tool for frost screening in crops [2020-10-15 19:37:13] (Click No.:12)
Paving the way for tunable graphene plasmonic THz amplifiers [2020-10-11 19:12:45] (Click No.:13)
T-ray camera speed boosted a hundred times over [2020-08-13 20:08:19] (Click No.:34)
Doing more with terahertz: simplifying near-infrared spectroscopy systems [2020-07-13 08:53:44] (Click No.:49)
Terahertz radiation can disrupt proteins in living cells [2020-07-09 09:30:35] (Click No.:47)
Using long-wavelength terahertz radiation to produce video with a high frame rate [2020-03-19 22:27:29] (Click No.:101)
Researchers combine lasers and terahertz waves in camera that sees 'unseen' detail [2020-03-09 21:13:53] (Click No.:76)
Graphene amplifier unlocks hidden frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum [2020-03-04 21:38:48] (Click No.:88)
A trick for taming terahertz transmissions [2019-12-16 10:17:40] (Click No.:132)
Hamamatsu produces terahertz waves at 450 μm [2019-12-12 09:53:16] (Click No.:139)
Graphene sets the stage for the next generation of THz astronomy detectors [2019-09-23 07:57:35] (Click No.:161)
Terahertz waves reveal hidden processes in ultrafast artificial photosynthesis [2019-09-20 08:36:10] (Click No.:99)
Terahertz technology escapes the cold [2019-08-20 20:50:10] (Click No.:225)
Terahertz imaging spots microscopic twists in tissues [2019-08-13 08:36:49] (Click No.:97)
Closing the terahertz gap: Tiny laser is an important step toward new sensors [2019-08-05 20:33:47] (Click No.:137)
Terahertz imaging technique reveals subsurface insect damage in wood [2019-08-01 09:36:08] (Click No.:120)
Balancing the beam: Thermomechanical micromachine detects terahertz radiation [2019-06-17 21:29:41] (Click No.:116)
New discovery about terahertz radiation benefits biomedicine [2019-06-13 22:08:11] (Click No.:117)
Tuning terahertz transmission [2019-05-27 21:13:36] (Click No.:148)
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