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    The QUANTA®-TERA is the first robust and manageable "work horse" in the field of THz worldwide. Unlike the germanium laser, this quantum cascade laser can do without a cooling machine.

    It generates THz radiation directly as opposed to by means of nonlinear optical effects or the THz generation based on femto-second lasers. With this technology a room temperature detector can receive signals with a frequency of 50 Hz.

    But even the QUANTA®-TERA does not manage totally without cooling: The laser chip is located in the dewar and a filling with liquid nitrogen is enough for six hours. The test laser emitted between 3.5 and 4 THz, that is between 75 and 86 μm.

    New: The quantum cascade laser brings the THz source to the object as opposed to the object being brought to the source, as used to be the case.


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