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China THz Research Network Journal Coming Soon
date2006-12-04 08:19:01 Click No.4502

Source: China THz Research Network

        Suggested by China THz Expert Committee, The journal, THz Science and Technology(TST), will come soon sponsored and organized by China THz Network. With the registered publication number being applied, this publication will be recognized both at home and abroad as the first periodical in China engaged in THz science and technology. The articles published in this journal will be treated academically as those in other academic journals.

        With the intention to enhance the free and strong information exchanges among THz experts , introduce the updates of this field and promote the development of THz scientific and technological research, TST is inviting researchers and experts of this field all over the world to contribute articles for the first issue.

        Specific Requirement:

        1、Articles should be academic papers as well as research based opinions.

        2、Articles should be
        a、original without being published before.
        b、Chinese or English.
        c、typeset by required format
        d、clear in Project Name and Number if sponsored by Funds.
        e、submitted by email.
        g、in author¨s responsibility as to copyright dispute, inconsistency with the facts, and information secutiry.

        3、Required Format: (Set up type by Word software)
        Both English and Chinese Articles refer to MLA Format.
        Brief introduction of author (resume included) should be attached for communication.

        4.Contribution Emails: webmaster@thznetwork.org.cn jojo@thznetwork.org.cn


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