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Seminar held by Sichuan THz Application Project
date2006-12-09 12:53:40 Click No.2980

Source: China THz Research Network

        A seminar was held by Sichuan THz Application Project (STAP) on 7th December in the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China (UESTC). Professor Jihong Pei was invited to attend too.

        Aimed at progressing the process of THz application and industrialization in Sichuan agricultural biology, UESTC, Sichuan Sichuan University of Agriculture (SUA), Sichuan Academy of Agriculture (SAA), Sichuan Ouhua Biological Research Center (SBRC) and Turning Technology Group (TTG) cooperated to launch the interdisciplinary project, based on physics and agricultural biology, with all the efforts from the five institutes and enterprises. For the first time, STAP will apply THz in the field of agricultural biology.

        The current research situation and its feasibility were discussed in the seminar and Shengzhen University THz Research Center (SZUTRC), lead by Professor Pei, was also warmly welcomed to join STAP. The seminar participants included Professor Jihong Pei from Shengzhen University, professor Yang Yan, Dr Yong Yin, Dr Yaxin Zhang from UESTC, Dr Jian Liu from SUA, Dr Chaoyu Liu, CEO of TTG and Academician Shenggang Liu of CAS who shared his concerns with this project.

        Then the afterward-visit to the THz Lab in UESTC sponsored by STAP was followed by and experiments were carried out too. Lead by Academician Shenggang Liu of CAS and Academician Tingzhao Rong of CAS, STAP now enjoys an elite group of more than twenty professors, doctors and maters with sets of THz Lab equipment, which is able to provide constant THz wave with high power.

        An agreement between SATP and SZUTRC was also reached to cooperate and complement both academically and technically. A cross-regional and interdisciplinary project, thereafter, has been constructed for a better and brighter tomorrow.


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