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New 30 µm Far IR Filter Successfully Passes Field Test
date£º2007-02-25 08:23:14 Click No.£º2078

Source:  thznetwork.org


    Westerville, OH, USA & Quebec City, Canada, February 1, 2007 ¡ª A long wave pass filter with a 30 µm cut-on has been successfully tested at the Institut National d¡¯Optique (INO), Canada¡¯s world-class center of expertise for research in optics and photonics. The filter, supplied by Lake Shore Cryotronics of Westerville, OH, is based on a novel porous silicon technology. This all-silicon design provides excellent thermal and mechanical properties ¡ª even at cryogenic and elevated temperatures.

    INO research scientist, M.S. Georges Baldenberger, mentioned, ¡°We specified Lake Shore¡¯s filter because of its promising spectral performance and off-the-shelf availability. Throughout our testing, Lake Shore has provided excellent quality of service in support of our research efforts.¡±

    M.S. Baldenberger further commented, ¡°The filter performed very well and enabled us to achieve the experimental results we needed. It had very good behavior in the mid-IR wavelength range, which had to be absolutely rejected.¡± As a result of this successful test, INO has placed a follow-up filter order.

    Lake Shore Cryotronic¡¯s optical filters are currently available in a long pass design with multiple standard cut-on wavelengths ranging from 5 to 150 µm. Research and development work continues to further extend the performance capabilities of this technology and also to develop a similar technology for narrow band pass filters in the mid- and far-infrared spectral regions.

    About INO

    A leading technology designer and developer, INO is the largest center for optics and photonics in Canada. The leader in its field internationally, INO has so far completed 3,000 custom R&D contracts for SMEs and leading Canadian corporations and performed 32 technology transfers that have resulted in the creation of 20 new high-tech startups. www.ino.ca

    About Lake Shore Cryotronics

    Established in 1968, Lake Shore is the leading supplier of cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation, magnetic test equipment, metrology systems and probe stations for the characterization of magnetic and transport properties of materials. Lake Shore customers are supported by a global network of sales and service offices and include leading university, government, NASA and commercial research institutions, with international customers accounting for approximately 45% of their business. www.lakeshore.com


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