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Focusing on The research in China!Capital Normal University
date2007-08-27 11:14:59 Click No.4914

THz Research and Development Network Around China First Station
Capital Normal University

Source: China THz Research and Development Network (CTRDN) JoJo Ma and Yang Ping

    Editors: The research and development of THz in China is booming together with the coming of the spring of 2007. From today, CTRDN will start a series of reports ^Focusing on THz Research and Development Network around China ̄ in order to present a clear picture of THz R&D, products and future plans among Chinese universities and institues. These reports also aim at enhancing the academic exchanging internationally, promoting the sustainable development of THz technology in China as well as its future plans.

    1.Labs and Stuffs

    The first station of China THz Research and Development Network is Capital Normal University which is located at the Third Ring Road of Beijing. Supported by the Beijing Education Committee, Science Committee and the university itself, the THz Spectrum and Image Lab was set up enjoying instruments and books worthy 8 million plus RMB. There are 4 labs for scientific research covering an area of 350 m2. Two of them are 1000 Degree Super Clean labs with temperature and humidity controlling system, 300 m2 area for graduate students, etc.. The whole lab enjoys a good ventilation, illumination, and modulation of temperature and humidity.

Major Equipment:




Date of Purchase

THz Imaging System

Zomega Z-1



THz Transmission Spectrum

Zomega Z-1



Femtosecond Laser

Mai Tai



Femtosecond Impulse Amplifier

Spitfire 50FS

1.48 Million RMB


Solid Laser Laser


70.4,000 RMB


Titanium Viberator


10.0,000 RMB


Femtosecond Laser

Mai Tai



Automatic Control and Measure System




Exactitude Optics Platform

ZDT 30-15

480,000 RMB


Vacuum Set


114,400 RMB


Bio-Imaging System


102,100 RMB


Infrared Heat Wave Inspection System I

Thermal Scope I



Infrared Heat Wave Inspection System II

Thermal Scope II



    The direction of research includes the spectrum imaging and detection of drugs and explosives; THz and infrared head wave non-damaging inspection of aviation and space flight materials.

    There are 15 researchers including 8 professors, 1 researcher, 2 associate professors, 4 PhDs, headed by Professor Zhang Cunlin and Zhao Guizhong. Furthermore there are 4 more guest professors including 2 academicians, 1 researcher and 1 professor. The students involved in this active research group are 4 PhD candidates and 56 MS graduate students. Some of the researchers were permitted to organize ^THz Spectrum and Imaging Group ̄ by Beijing Municipality and this lab is approved to be the Key Lab in Beijing. The application of ^Key THz Spectrum and Imaging Lab of Ministry of Education co-sponsored by Province and Ministy ̄ is undergoing, which is arranged by Beijing Education Committee.


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