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Focusing on The research in China¡ªCapital Normal University
date£º2007-09-21 10:30:33 Click No.£º3881

THz Research and Development Network Around China First Station
Capital Normal University

Source: China THz Research and Development Network  (CTRDN)    JoJo Ma and Yang Ping

    3. International Exchanges

    The International Academic Conference on Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation was held in Hilton Hotel, Portland, Oregon State, US from 30th July to 4th August, 2006. It was organized by the Nondestructive Evaluation Center of Iowa State University. Delegates from US, UK, France, German, Italy, Canada, China, Japan, India, South Korea, etc are the representatives of universities, institutes, government and industry. They participated in this conference which was composed of various topic reports, notifications, bulletins, and forums.

    The academic head of Capital University THz Lab Prof. Zhang Cunlin was invited to make a 40-minute-report on ¡°Material Inspection Using THz and Thermal Wave¡±. It was the only THz oriented report in this conference. The method of THz imaging nondestructive inspection started from 2003. On 1st Feb, 2003, the Columbia Space Shuttle was about to finish its 16-day space journey. On the road to Earth, 16 minutes before landing, it exploded 62 km above Texas, which killed all the 7 astronauts in this tragedy. Five months later, the investigation committee believed that this tragedy attributed to the foam insulating layer outside fuel tank. Later, THz technology was chosen to be one the four technologies in detecting the foam defects of fuel tank in the following launchings.

    In China, the same problem occurs just like that in the US. Prof. Zhang introduced the research recently developed in the lab, which attracted the attention and was approved by the international THz experts and scholars.

    After the conference, Prof. Zhang spent one week visiting MICROTECH Instruments Inc. located in Eugene city, Oregon State, which is also a company engaged in THz instrument manufacturing. Prof. Zhang also visited Laser Technology Inc. near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and THz center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York State. An agreement on the co-founding of research was drafted to encourage the academic exchanges among teachers and graduate students between two universities annually. The THz center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is one of the best centers in the US. Therefore, the implementation of this agreement will benefit the THz Center of Capital Normal University to move forward together with the international development.

    The physical problems and its application of THz spectrum and imaging technology are the major research in the THz Center of Capital Normal University. The four directions of this lab include THz spectrum, THz imaging, THz and infrared nondestructive inspection and THz transmission and material interaction.


    CTRDN sincerely hopes that the great progress will be made by the Capital Normal University headed by Prof. Zhang Cunlin so that great contribution can be achieved to promote THz technology research in China and around the world.

THz lab in Capital Normal University

    Professor Zhang Cunlin, Male, 45. Eng.D.: Vice-director of Beijing Physics Academy, Senior member of China Optics Academy, member of China Optics Academy Photoelectricity Committee, disciplinary leader of Capital Normal University, Cross Century Excellent Professional in Beijing, Young Disciplinary Leader of Beijing Universities, Backbone Teachers sponsors by Ministry of Education, member of Jiusan Academy Central Education and Culture Committee, expert of China 863 Project and 11th Five-Year-Plan Demonstration. His papers were published in Applied Physics Letter, Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, Applied Optics£¬Photopolymer Science & technology£¬Journal of Physics, Journal of Optics, etc., totaling 60 odds. He also participated in 5 books of monograph and teaching materials.

    Zhang Yan, M, 34, D.S.: Researcher in the department of physics of Capital Normal University, part-time professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, PhD student tutor, member of China Physics Academy Optic Physics Committee, member of China Optics Academy Holographic and Informative Processing Committee, member of China Optics Academy Photoelectricity Technology Committee, member of Optical Society of America, and member of SPIE. His 80 odds papers were published in Optics Letters£¬Optical Engineering£¬Optics Communications, etc.. in which more than 50 were included by SCI and cited over 190 times. He used to study in Japan and German sponsored by JSPS from Japan and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation from German. He is in charge of the task in China 973 Project and five other projects from China Fund of Natural Sciences. There are more than 80 academic papers publish in

    Professor Zhao Guozhong, M, 42£¬D.S.: Member of China Physics Academy, Senior member of China Optics Academy, member of China Optics Academy Photoelectricity Committee. He obtained his Master¡¯s Degree of Physics in 1989 and Doctorate Degree of Optics in 1993. He has been in charge of or participated in a dozen of projects whose sponsors include the China Fund of Natural Sciences, Ministry of Railroad, Ministry of Education and Beijing Science and Technology Development department, etc. His 40 odds papers were published in Physica1 Review B£¬Applied Physics Letter£¬Solid State Communications£¬Optical Communications£®Chinese Physics Letters, Journal of Physics, China Laser, etc.. He was appraised as Beijing Excellent Backbone Teacher in 1997. He did research on THz spectrum and imaging as well as optoelectronics in Delft University of Technology and Eindhoven University in Holland. As a researcher in the THz lab of Capital Normal University, his research covers the areas of THz examination technology and photon function materials, etc..


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