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2007 Shenzhen International Conference on Advanced Science and Techno-logy (Terahertz Science & Technology) Held in Shenzhen City
date2007-11-22 08:25:09 Click No.4300

sourceChina THz Research and Development Network

    On 19th November, 2007, Shenzhen International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology (Terahertz Science & Technology) was successfully held in Shenzhen University. This conference was co-sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Municipal Government of Shenzhen and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), organized by Shenzhen University, as well as Shenzhen Academician Consultation Center, CAS. This 3-day-conference focused on THz science and technology which attracted dozens of experts at home and abroad.

    The opening ceremony was presided by the chairman of international committee, CAS academician, Prof. Shenggang Liu, co-chaired by Prof. Thycodam Varkkry George as well as local chairman of organizing committee Prof. Weixin Xie. The opening speeches were presented by guests such as the director of National Normalization Expert Committee, honorable chair of China E-commerce Association, Weizhi Qu.

    From 19 to 20, there were 14 reported arranged with a focus on THz technology, exploration methods, research development and application, etc. Seminars were held for experts to share their academic ideas for the current progress in this filed. The editor of China THz R&D Network, Jojo Ma also presented a brief introduction on the development of the website which attracted good feedbacks and supports.

    The closing ceremony was held in Holiday Inn Donghua Shenzhen in the morning of 21. This international conference was definitely endorsed and approved by all the participants. The seminar part was presided by Prof. Terry Parker. All the present experts discussed the current and future situation of THz science technology around the globe as well as the plan for next conference. The closing speeches were made by Prof. Thycodam Varkkey George and academician Shenggang Liu, who especially expressed their appreciation and encouragement for this conference and all of the young researchers in this young field.

    The conference reports are listed:

    PL1 Probing Transient Photoconductivity in Nanostructured Materials ueing Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy -- Prof. Charles Schmuttenmaer

    PL2 THz-Radiation A Probe in Solid State Physics -- Prof. Michael Von Ortenberg

    PL3 Laser Terahertz Emission Microscopy -- Prof. Masayoshi Tonouchi

    PL4 Properties of Terahertz Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometer Mixers -- Prof. Peiheng Wu

    PL5 Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers -- Prof. Alexander Giles Davies

    PL6 Quasi-optical Components for High Power Wave Beam Control -- Prof. Mikhail Petelin

    PL7 10 MW, 140GHz, CW Gyrotron and Optical Transmission System for Millimeter Wave Heating of Plasmas in the Stellarator W7-X -- Prof. Manfred Kaspar Andreas Thumm

    PL8 Tera-Hz Radiation Source by Deference Frequency Generation (DFG) and Terahertz Parametric Oscillation (TPO) with All Solid State Lasers -- Prof. Jianquan Yao

    PL9 Far Infrared and Terahertz Research from 1950 to the Present -- Prof. Kiyomi Sakai

    PL10 Electromagnetic Metamaterials for Terahertz Applications -- Dr. Houtong Chen

    PL11 Development of THz Gyrotrons and Application to High Power THz Technologies -- Prof. Toshitaka Idehara

    PL12 Research Highlights from Novosibirsk 400-W Average Power THz FEL -- Prof. Gennady Nikolaevich Kulipanov

    PL13 Intense Terahertz Excitation of Semiconductors -- Prof. Sergey Ganichev

    PL14 Superconducting THz Detectors and Their Applications in Radio Astronomy -- Prof. Shengcai Shi

    PL15 Brief Introduction to THz website in China -- Miss Jojo Ma


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