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International Online Magazine - Terahertz Science and Technology (TST) No. 2 to be Published Soon
date£º2008-06-25 16:25:03 Click No.£º3586

International Online Magazine
Terahertz Science and Technology (TST) No. 2 to be Published Soon

Source: China Terahertz Research and Development Network

    Ever since the first issue of TST was published, numerous THz scientists and experts at home and abroad have presented their great support and encouragement to this international online magazine. The second issue is scheduled to publish on 26th, June, 2008. Besides the extractive papers reported from SICAST 2007 continuingly, there will be another newly inserted thesis from Xi¡¯an University of Electronic Science and Techonology, which survived the precise auditing of TST Editing Committee.

    TST welcome your papers! All the manuscript should be in English with both DOC and PDF formats. The papers can be submitted via this email: tst@tstnetwork.org. For more details, please check http://www.tstnetwork.org/authors.asp.

    The papers will be published in the following order.
1) Yue Hao, GaN-based Semiconductor Devices for Terahertz Technology £¨14 pages£©
2) M.I.Petelin, Quasi-Optical Components for High Power Wave Beam Control£¨8 pages£©
3) M.Thumm, 10 MW, 0.14 THz, CW Gyrotron and Optical Transmission System for Millimeter Wave Heating of Plasmas in the Stellarator W7-X £¨27 pages£©
4) T. Idehara, Development of THz gyrotrons and application to high power THz technologies £¨7 pages£©
5) G. N. Kulipanov, Research Highlights from the Novosibirsk 400 W average power THz FEL  (19 pages)


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