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International Seminar on Milimeterwave & Terahertz - Held in College of Physics and Electronics UESTC
date2008-10-28 12:43:39 Click No.3241

sourceCollege of Physics and Electronics UESTC

    The three-day Sino-UK Seminar on Milimeterwave & Terahertz was held in College of Physics and Electronics, University of Electronic Science and Technology in China (UESTC) since 20th Oct. 2008. Nearly a hundred experts and deputies from both China and UK participated to discuss the research situation, application and future development of Milimeterwave & Terahertz Science and Technology (S&T).

    Sponsored by the Imperial Association London of UK and China Scholarship Council, organized by UESTC, the Seminar was technically supported by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). With an aim to strengthen the technical exchanges and cooperation in the field of Milimeterwave & Terahertz, the topics in Seminar covered the areas like Terahertz source, the transmission and emission of Terahertz, pattern transition, wireless technology and application of Milimeterwave & Terahertz so as to promote the fast transformation from the experimental products to commercial output as well as the innovation of technology.

    The Seminar was co-chaired by the Vice President of UESTC, Mr. Xiong Caidong and Professor Chen Xiaodong from Queen Mary, University of London. The Consultative Committee was chaired by CAS (Chinese Academy of Science) Academician, Professor Liu Shenggang from UESTC.

    On behalf of UESTC, Vice President Xiong Caidong congratulated the opening of the Seminar. ^It is an important conference to attract so many experts from China, UK, and some other European countries,  ̄ he said, ^ it surely will promote the research on Milimeterwave & Terahertz in UESTC and provide an excellent platform for the future development in this filed for all the countries. ̄

    In addition, Academician Liu pointed out, ^As a frontline research, Terahertz technology has a huge potentiality in its scientific and applicable value, which has been attracting attention from many countries. This conference will play an important role in the future exchange and cooperation in this field among China and European countries. It is a significant step to enhance the task of R&D, exchanging and training of personnel and transformation from the experimental products to commercial output. ̄ Academician Liu also introduced the Terahertz research condition and achievement done by UESTC and expressed his sincere wishes for all the deputies to enjoy their stay in Chengdu.

    The eight speakers of the Seminar including Academician Liu from UESTC, and Professor Allen Phelps from University of Strathclyde UK, etc. made reports on the latest research, future development and potential applications of Milimeterwave & Terahertz. Other forty odd scholars and experts shared their opinions and suggestions in their reports orally or in written form. There were more than 50 academic papers from the public reports and group discussions of the Seminar covering a wide range of topics of Milimeterwave & Terahertz such as theoretical research, technical application, advance exploration and future development.


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