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THz R&D Network and TST to Speed Up
date2010-03-17 16:22:50 Click No.3086

Source: China THz R&D Network

    In order to better meet the demand of various network surroundings as well as fast visiting so as to better serve the researchers in the field of THz, China THz R&D Network and the International Online Journal Terahertz Science and Technology are to speed up and upgrade the websites concerned.

    Adopting distributed clustering bastion host, the upgraded websites will be faster, easier and safer to be accessed by the users of China Telecom, CNC, Mobile, CERNET as well as the visitors abroad due to its automatic location of the fastest server. The distributed jboss for the new bastion host is sufficient in avoiding the single point of failure, and furthermore, the spare node will be activated within three minutes even though the param node halted, which guarantees the normal function of the websites.


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