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^THz-Bio Seminar & the Establishing Ceremony of the Center for THz-Bio Application Systems ̄ was Held in Soul, South Korea
date2010-04-10 12:15:49 Click No.4052

Source: China THz R&D Network


^THz-Bio Seminar & the Establishing Ceremony of the Center for THz-Bio Application Systems ̄ was held in Hoam Faculty House(HFH), Soul University, South Korea, 8th to 11th March, 2010. Presided by the dean of the College of Physics & Astrology, Prof. Gun-Sik Park, this seminar invited a dozen of experts and scientists in this field to attend.

    The Center for THz-Bio Application Systems was established by the joint efforts of ten most prominent scientific researching entities in South Korea, such as related universities and institutes. More than ten international well-known scholars attended the Establishing Ceremony including a Chinese scientist. Besides the brilliant academic reports, this seminar has proposed the noteworthy 10-year-plan of THz science and technology development in South Korea, which will provide millions of US dollars for each researching entities every year. Experts predicted the situation of THz S&T research in South Korea would be much improved in the future.


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