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Signing Ceremony of THz S&T Collaborative Innovation Center Held in UESTC
date£º2012-09-17 08:10:51 Click No.£º5230

Source: China Thz R&D Network

The Signing Ceremony of THz S&T Collaborative Innovation Center, cofounded by University of Electronic Science and Technology in China (UESTC), Nanjing Universtiy (NU) and Tsinghua University (TU), was held in UESTC on September 11, 2012. CPC Secretary Wang Zhiqiang and CAS academician Liu Shenggang of UESTC, Vice president Kang Kejun of TU, and President Assistant Li Cheng of NU unveiled the name plate of the Center. The related leaders and scholars, including CAS academician Zhou Bingkun, academician Wu Yirong, academician Jin Yaqiu, academician Tu Mingjing, academician Chen Xingbi, UESTC President Wang Jinsong, UESTC Vice President Wang Houjun,  and UESTC Vice CPC Secretary Li Yanrong also participated in the ceremony that was hosted by UESTC Vice president Yang Xiaobo,

UESTC President Wang Jinsong made a sincere speech to welcome all the academicians, scholars and leaders to witness the significant moment. In his speech, he firmly believed that ¡°the Center is an advanced platform for cooperation and collaboration in THz S&T research and development. It indicates that Chinese THz research has entered a new stage. As the leading university, UESTC will fully support the founding and development of this Center, and will help it strive to become a Key Training Center and Demonstration Zone of  the ¡®2011 Project¡¯ in China so as to make a more innovative and more important contribution to our country.¡±

On behalf of the Center faculty, the Center Chief academician Liu Shenggang introduced the basic condition, goal and characteristics of the Center, ¡°With all the support and dedication, we are confident and responsible to establish and develop the Center in order to contribute more significantly to the research career of THz S&T in China.¡± 

Academician Zhou Binkun, one of the Center's leading scientists, congratulated the establishment of the Center. He said, ¡°This Center is a natural collaborative organization thanks to the earlier long-time cooperation among all the units. THz research has a bright future and it is a virgin land for us to explore. The founding of this Center will surely play an important role in helping China take a place in the research of THz S&T all over the world.¡± Other speakers included Vice president Kang Kejun of TU and President Assistant Li Cheng, etc. They all expressed their whole-hearted congratulations and support to the establishment and development of the Center.

With three researching directions, the Center consists of a Council, an Academic Committee, and a Management and Consultation Committee. The Board Chairperson is Prof. Wang Jinsong and the Vice Chairpersons are Prof. Yang Xiaobo and other professors from other two universities. Meanwhile the letters of appointment were also issued to the professors and scientists related.

Many other units also did great contribution to the founding of the Center. They are Peking University, Nankai University, Tianjin University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Capital Normal University, Southeast University, Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Hunan University, Sichuan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xian University of Technology, City University of HongKong Institute of Physics CAS, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology CAS, Institute of Electronics CAS, and Institute of Semiconductor CAS in China. The foreign units include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, University of California Davis, Queen¡¯s University, University of Essex, Humboldt-universitat zu Berlin, PTR, IAP, Lebedev Institute, Osaka University, etc. There are a dozen of international prominent invited guest professors such as Chair of K. J. Button Prize Committee of Royal Society, and K. J. Button winner, T. J. Parker, etc.


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